Catie Minx in her fantasy costume

One of the things that so many people enjoy about the beautiful Catie Minx and her solo website is her playful attitude. While some models are very serious all the time, Catie loves to have fun and it really shows in the pictures and videos that she has produced for all the members of her site. This free pic is a prime example and she looks like she is having a blast taking on the role of a sexy mouse, complete with the nose and whiskers. She is in the midst of peeling off her tight black pants to show off her ass and pussy while the top she was wearing had already fallen victim to her sexy striptease. Catie Minx has to be one of the sexiest new girls to the solo teen model scene and we highly recommend you check her out for yourself. CLICK HERE for instant access to all of Catie’s hot pictures and videos!

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