Catie Minx Down N Dirty Bedroom Hitatchi Masturbation Video

Catie Minx loves to play with toys, and breaks out her sexy Hitachi wand in this latest video. This is her favorite toy, and her masturbation scene is one of legends. She dances around her room with zebra stockings and a sexy black pair of panties. As she dances around her room, she takes off her panties and quickly takes her Hitachi wand out and opens up her white top.

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As Catie Minx is playing with her Hitachi wand and begins to masturbate, she spreads her legs wide open and her shaved pussy is getting wetter and wetter. She moans and screams in delight with total pleasure, as she squeezes her nipples, which makes Catie Minx even hotter. She is in total ecstasy with this video and her achieves total orgasm with her favorite toy. She then moves to finger her shaved pussy madly and switches back to her toy to get off even further. Catie Minx loves her toys and fingers, and loves to masturbate for all to enjoy and watch on her site.

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One Response to Catie Minx Down N Dirty Bedroom Hitatchi Masturbation Video

  1. Jack says:

    Yes Im actually taking time out to write a comment.

    This is the most fucking ridiculous scene. Catie or whatever your name is. Try not to be fake, it might help your career.

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